The mysterious Concept Archery "Orion" model, string and cable lengths specs

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The mysterious Concept Archery "Orion" model, string and cable lengths specs

Postby ca-archer » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:11 pm

The Mysterious Concept Archery "Orion" Model

The Concept Archery "Orion" model we know little about as it was only made by the Nebraska Concept Archery Bow Company and there are no records to how many were produced. From what we, the NJ CA Bow Company has seen over the 12+ years, there are very few out there.

They were very similar in specs to the C99, being approximately 36" ATA and about the same brace height. The riser was slightly different as in only have two cut outs in the lower and upper tiller areas. We have seen both Orion and C99 limbs on the model as we believe the NE CA company might have been using the C99 limbs near the end when parts were getting scarce? More than likely bearings will be in the limbs or have sleeves to fill the gap when the bearings were moved to the cam.

The Concept Orion model was designed to have a 94-1/4" string and 38-7/16" cable lengths. The C99 is 94-9/16" and 38". The C99 string and cable lengths work and depending on the length of limbs, might be a few pounds off in draw weight.
Below is a photo of a custom decorated Orion we finished for one of our long time customers.

concept-orion-bow---custom-colors.jpg (130.34 KiB) Viewed 3990 times

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