Wool, Wool, Wool Socks in July?

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Wool, Wool, Wool Socks in July?

Postby k-villa » Fri Jul 27, 2018 12:01 am

Proven. Thanks to a good friend, John "Shakesbeard" Hoin--ski, I've become a fan of wool, especially in the field. It keeps you warm, even when wet, even cool, is long lasting, and excellent for bowhunting as it is quiet. Base layer of cotton t, cotton long sleeve, fleece, then wool is my late fall to winter set up and has served me well. Last winter I took most of my deer in the last few weekends of February when I finally was forced to take the time and get out to put my year's worth of meat in the freezer. The last 3 weekends of the season I sat in heavy downpours with temps in the 30-50s. Hours of wet sitting in cold weather, my wool jacket served me well as hypotherma would have came with a lot of other materials or a short lived hunt. (I've whacked a lot of deer in the rain, just be sure to put good shots on as blood tracking is non-existent.)

Slowly became a huge fan of Darn Tough socks (USA made, lifetime guarantee) and I have bought/acquired just about all the socks I will need for a lifetime. A pair here or there including a Christmas presents and such. My favorite is their cushion boot sock. Semi-thick, great in colder weather for warmth. Somewhat compression fit they feel good on my feet and being somewhat thick, the cushion part of them, adds a little absorption upon impact. Having now bought lighter pairs, including dress and light hiking DT "models", I still prefer to go to the Cushion Boot Sock, even being July. I've spent a good amount of time here in NJ outside for long periods of time in 80 and 90 degree humid weather and just recently a trip down south in July Southern heat. My feet stay cool and any sweat (not much either) wicks away from the foot. Highly recommend getting a pair or 12 to last you a lifetime. It's taken me several years with heavy use to go through one pair, which I sent back and got a free replacement ($3 shipping one way to them)! Note that most of the DT socks are made with a high percentage of merino (soft) wool and/or nylon, or spandex.

Darn Touch Socks in Crocks, well that's a whole nother story as 'm not a bare foot guy in any shoe. I feel like Spiderman in Crocks - bridge jumping, wading/fishing rivers as they don't slip off. Lightweight and feel like summer time slippers as I don't realize I have them on a lot of time. Excellent for climbing Arkansas canyon/holler mountain walls, and ideal for bowhunting as they are quiet and stealthy as can be. Thanks Russman for the intro to Crocks.

Their website.
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