Controlling Target Panic Podcast w/ Joel Turner

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Controlling Target Panic Podcast w/ Joel Turner

Postby ca-archer » Sun Jul 15, 2018 12:03 am

Forwarded to us from another CA archer and well worth listening to:

Some very good information in this podcast. There's a good theory in here and I know of several, myself included years ago, that would tape a little label to the riser right in line with the sights "Pick a Spot." Simply something most of us know, but something sometimes hard to do in the heat of the moment. What that little label does is break the concentration of the moment, the tunnel vision focus of the rack/animal and puts you back into focus of what you need to do. To follow your steps. I've seen "Follow Through" taped to the riser too. In reality, it could say "Hi Mom" as it's meant to re-focus you back where you need to be and the steps you need to do.

Reflex/red dot sights are really starting to become popular in the handgun market especially for concealed carry owners. One main benefit and what those that carry a firearm for duty have come to realize in the rifle platform, is that the little red dot breaks the threat focus. A bad guy is starring you down,shouldering and starting to aim that rifle on you, or even shooting at you, and just like in archery "hard focus on the sight" not the animal, or front sight in case of the pistol, you loose focus of that sight and what you need to do in spite of all the training you have done. You focus on the bad guy, his AK-47, and not your little white dot front sight of your pistol. A bright glowing red dot tells your mind to put it on target and breaks the treat focus or tunnel vision. It's often hard in the heat of the moment, hopefully none of us have to experience an encounter like that, but target panic in hunting is all to common and I know of very few who have never had target panic/buck fever in some form and at some point in their hunting career.

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