Testament to our Cams / Eccentrics based on Dry Fires

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Testament to our Cams / Eccentrics based on Dry Fires

Postby ca-archer » Thu Jun 07, 2018 10:46 pm

We hear stories all the time. Recently we heard from a Concept Archer that is involved in a archery league. Another archer drew back a friends "XYZ" bow without an arrow nocked and dry fired the bow. The limbs shattered and both cams bent meaning all had to be replaced. I've seen quite a few bent cams over the years due to dry fires but not a single one of them was ever a Concept cam, zero!

Owning 99% let off, people "have to try it" and draw back our bows all the time and again without an arrow nocked. I can almost guarantee a dry fire if attempted with fingers and not a release. Even with a release the tendency is there to hit or pull that trigger. On fingers you're holding nothing at full draw, then as you creep forward 60 or 70lbs suddenly pulls on the fingers and WHACK. I have probably witnessed 10 or more dry fires at shows no matter how hard we have tried to prevent it. My personal Believer bow has been dry fired 3 times. My friends dad dry fired my P50 and another friend, "trust me I worked in an archery shop", dry fired my P50 on the 3D course which cause the string to jump the idler wheel's track. Thankfully I had my Portable Bowmaster Bow Press with me that day.

Countless of customers have informed me about a dry fire to their Concept bow, mostly with the same story, my buddy had to try the 99% let off and knows bows, they never dry fired ever until now. Our limbs normally hold up well to dry fires too, but there have been a few that needed replacing. I think sometimes it does damage to the limbs and causes them to be replaced often later on. The string and cable set can take a beating on dry fires and often cause reserving work. I never ever recommend dry firing the bow and strongly urge all to only draw our bows, and others, back with an arrow nocked and pointed in a safe, down range direction. A few minutes of time is worth it.

I will also add in that our risers are built just as well. I've never seen a bow press bend one of our risers, and though both our eccentrics (cam and idler wheel), and our risers are possibly beefy compared to some competitor's intricate thin cut risers, Concept bows themselves fall very much in line with respectable mass weight. We advertise in both decimals and pounds and ounces - remember 4.9lbs is 4lbs 15 ounces or one ounce shy of 5lbs. Built to last a lifetime.

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