Best Way to Tune Your Rest on a Concept Bow

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Best Way to Tune Your Rest on a Concept Bow

Postby ca-archer » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:36 pm

Center the arrow with the bow - best is Eze-Eye laser tuner. No laser, center the string with top and bottom or the riser - string dead center riser's top and bottom, length of arrow dead center of string. Will get you close and all of Concept bows shoot, even threw paper well, even not "best" tuned and way out of whack in our opinions - we've seen some good stuff but still amazing results.

Height - slight angle down. Lay an arrow on shelf and the nocked arrow should be very slightly angled down, never crossing the flat arrow or even near. Very important: bottom of arrow in line with two Berger button holes in your riser (the one your rest screw goes in to)

Always check through paper about 8 yards away and 15 to, or even 20 if having fun, and always-always-always broadhead test before hunting.

Concept bows tune very well and rarely broadhead tuning is a problem is other than short and steep ATA angled string, if so then a few more steps needed. Robinhood arrow should be able to thread the eye of the needle even with a fixed head and very possible and easy with a a solid bow.

See a 22 yard broadhead shot on a squirrel pic anywhere lately?

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Re: Best Way to Tune Your Rest on a Concept Bow

Postby Russman » Fri Jan 13, 2017 7:55 pm

It's the truth

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