Extreme Cold or Heat - Your Bow, Crossbow, or Firearm

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Extreme Cold or Heat - Your Bow, Crossbow, or Firearm

Postby ca-archer » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:36 pm

A few months back when it was still frigid cold (now Spring and still nearly as cold), I was asked about leaving your bow in the truck the night before the hunt. This person lived in the Northern states and it was December.

Yes you are going to hunt in the cold and we even know of some that bowhunted with a Concept in sub-zero temperatures. Others hunt or shoot in extreme heat such as Arizona desert or bowfishing on Florida waters in the blazing sun. If you can not help but the use your equipment in extreme temperatures, so be it, but think of this; your strings, whether on a crossbow or Concept contain poly of some sort, plastic. What happens with plastic in extreme heat or cold? How about aluminum and metals? Think cross hairs or aluminum scope rings. Metals expand or contract and the reason why liquid nitrogen is often used to shrink metal to fit it into a tight fitting space. Maybe only a fraction, maybe not at all? Maybe it won't be enough to not make the shot cleanly? Maybe with your percentage of error and the slight difference in equipment, it WILL will cause a wounded and lost animal? Maybe it will be enough to cause permanent separation somewhere or cause plastic to crack or melt or weaken. Fiberglass and glues often used, what happens to them? Why take the chance if you don't have to? We recommend never to leave your Concept bow or other gear in any extreme temperatures unless you have no choice and it's in use. Hot vehicles in the summer time can reach temperatures well above normal. Spend an extra minute or two and bring your gear in out of the extreme temperatures - you and your equipment will be glad you did.

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