Bow 2016

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Bow 2016

Postby Russman » Sun Oct 30, 2016 7:25 pm

Okay this is it. Went in as it went out. Hunt too much to do a journal of it, wrap it up neat. Started season good time with kids hot as balls on opening I think we swam more than hunted. Took nice doe second day, handfull more through season and ended with nice doe on last day. I had a decent 8pt at 20 yards but no clear shot so one of his girls went home with me, full freezer is better than another set of horns in bucket or on Wall in garage, anyways here is some pictures of what took place on both ends middle left out, cause that is just fluff.
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Re: Bow 2016

Postby k-villa » Sat Nov 05, 2016 10:15 am

Great post and congrats on a successful season so far other than mr big.
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Re: Bow 2016

Postby Russman » Wed Dec 14, 2016 8:18 pm

OK so at this point this is my loosely coined journal, bow season came and went as posted above, then started the rut and my annual 2 week vacation hunted hard and long hours shot few more does over those two weeks to fill my freezer and take care of a good friend who I have been getting deer for years now. Anyways on with it after two weeks of pissing bitching and moaning from the wife I shot a small 5pt on last day of vacation just to shut her up, meat was needed so no bad feelings plus it was a beautiful shot, got him butchered up few weeks later... I normally don't cut for 2 to 3 weeks normally waiting about 20 days, patience is the key leave the door closed and you will be rewarded, on with it one last arrow took flight to end my deer season till September tonight, nice big doe, she will assure enough ground for toco Tuesday to last till August, plus help with all the goodies I got from LEM, not a religious man by NO MEANS but I LOVE the simple things I can do with nature a "not so primitive weapon" 99% come on give me a break lol. But for real to be able to take from what the woods offers you and provide and care for your family is an AWESOME feeling, it'd be nice for more people to experience it but I got enough people in the woods already so happy they don't. Anyways here is few pics and Cheers on the end of deer season for me.

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