Concept Tech Tip: Contact Lenses and Glasses Users Beware

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Concept Tech Tip: Contact Lenses and Glasses Users Beware

Postby ca-archer » Sat Oct 08, 2016 8:00 pm

Recently I picked up my bow and started shooting at 20 yards with each shot hitting 6 inches low. I was trying various shooting positions, angles and even sitting, but this was the same bow I shot a 3D course on a month ago and hit with pin point accuracy. I then grabbed my second bow to see if it was the bow or me. That bow too shot 6" low consistantly. Ouch.

Next day I go out and shoot both bows again thinking maybe it was the day, though I knew all was aligned up right and specs matched each bows markings. Sure enough 6 inches low again now on a second day of testing.

The only thing that changed? The curvature of my contact lenses. New lenses with less of a curve made me shoot 6 inches low. The lenses fit more comfortably though and so I'm sticking with them.

Now my eyes are a 6.50 and I'm left eye dominant shooting righty, and wouldn't see a big black bear right in front of me if I didn't have corrective lenses on. What is even more different is with my glasses on which make the sight pins look like this:


and so I always know how to shoot with them thick even though paid for, thin, lens glasses.

Be aware, test out your hunting equipment often and especially after any eye glasses or contact lenses replacement.

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