NJ in for some trouble with new Governor Murphy

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NJ in for some trouble with new Governor Murphy

Postby k-villa » Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:42 pm

Wants to model NJ as California.
Our top source for NJ news is NJ.com, and the title of the article states it all: "Phil Murphy on weed, taxes, Trump. And making N.J. the next California."


California is in huge debt and with an extremely high unemployment rate. California as in no guns is the only comparison I can come up with for his model ? that is if we're making sense, maybe lets spend more?

Anti hunting too: 2,000 trappers first to be attached in a state already heavy restricted on the types of traps, and definitely no signing on any future bear hunts.

Taxes, oh yeah we're already ridiculously taxed but higher taxes is clearly stated in his plan...

How'd this bozo get in, oh wait, oh one little issue pushed him ahead in the election....

Hang on for a bumpy ride.

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