June 6th - the US enters WWII

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June 6th - the US enters WWII

Postby ca-archer » Tue Jun 06, 2017 10:19 am

Should they have waited, for heavy rain and foggy weather caused many causalities. It was a matter of timing: weather, moon phase, and tide and to wait several more weeks was not the decision.

D Day - June 6th, 1944
Canada, Britian and US attack the Germans on the beaches of France. The US were involved in several of the beach engagements but most notoriously known for the battle that took place on Omaha Beach, which was one of the most heavily defended.

First the seas were high and rough due to bad weather. Many of the watercraft carrying men could not get near to shore and so many men bogged down with heavy gear drowned before reaching shore.

Those that did make it to shore were fully exposed. US bombers were to create pits or holes along the shores for men to have cover in. Heavy fog prevented accurate placement of the bombs along the beaches and so the men were fully exposed to German machine gun fire. Not to mention many barriers still lied ahead of the men - barriers such as barb wire, tripods and mines that were to be destroyed by bombers.

Paratroopers were to be dropped in full darkeness behind the well fortified ridges where the germans were bunkered so that they could attack from behind. Many of the paratroopers were carried so far off mark that they were days out from the battle. Many got caught up in heavy forests and died in trees.

It was gruesome and bloody battles, but an entry into a world war that needed to be fought.
Thank you to those who gave their lives for the sake of freedom for others.

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