A few but good finds 9-10-16

What you found, recommend, sale specials and deals.
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A few but good finds 9-10-16

Postby k-villa » Sun Sep 25, 2016 1:54 am

A Cutco hunting knife $2.00 (awesome knives, unbelievable warranties and will be sending in for sharpening and a snap on the sheath), WWII wool, Air Corps hat in excellent condition $10 and a once used Lodge dutch oven with lid for $15 - shoot I paid $25 for plus $12 shipping from Lodge just for a lid for my other skillet. The dutch oven will be brewing some slow cooking stew on top of the stove this winter. 8-)
Lodge 7 quart Cast iron dutch oven.JPG
wwii air corp hat and cutco knife yardsale finds.JPG
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