Second Chance.

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Second Chance.

Postby Russman » Sat Dec 12, 2015 1:47 pm

Sometimes you get another chance to fix things. This does came out one evening back in October. I watched her browse around for a bit and after a few minutes she came into my shooting lane at 17 yards, chip shot right? I drew back settled my pin, squeezed the trigger and watched the arrow skim just across the top of her back. With that she jumped and ran about 50 yards and started pacing back and forth on the fence row, I could see what appeared to be a BIG gash on top of her back, but with being helpless at that point could do nothing but watch, after about 15 minutes she left and I sat till dark, knowing it was not a fatal hit I walked out making no attempt to look for her. Went back in the following nite hung a camera and began to put some corn out, after a few days I had her coming in on a regular cycle. The following week I set on her and one week and one hour later she came in again, standing in the exact shooting lane at 17 yards again but this time facing the opposite direction, I drew settled my pin and squeezed, however 35 yards is all she would cover this time. Sometimes things happen no matter how much you practice or how good of a shot you are but, it is nice when you can make a mess up right. The wound looks BAD and there is no denying that, however it was pretty much a flesh wound and when she walked in she did so with no limp or sign that she was hit other than the big ass cut on her back. Once home and skined out she looked like any other deer carcass with no signs of damage. None wasted and she is being enjoyed.
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Re: Second Chance.

Postby k-villa » Tue Dec 22, 2015 1:11 pm

even a rolled up napkin now that's class. red cabbage? what and how's the venison dish? don't tell up North he might steal the recipe and bring it himself to CA6 and then we might be eating it twice.

There would be a cook off, Up North. We have to make a certain dish of someone else's and voting to see who's comes out better?
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Re: Second Chance.

Postby Up North » Tue Jan 05, 2016 10:07 pm

I might steal it? Nonsense K-Villa. I have plenty of arrows in my quiver.

Cool story Russman.
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