LAST EVER issued metal deer tag in the state of New Jersey?

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LAST EVER issued metal deer tag in the state of New Jersey?

Postby k-villa » Wed Aug 17, 2016 10:55 pm

Almost 100% positive it was me and that includes gun or bow kill. Physical check ins stopped Dec 31st 2012 in New Jersey and Winter Bow, Shotgun Doe starting Jan 1st 2013 changed to the call-in deer check-in process. Monday was December 31 and shot deer at last crack of light, New Years Eve, Tuesday was the 1st, New Years Day and Wed was the 2nd. My sporting good store was closed Mon and Tues, as was fish & game, and called in on Tuesday to report (good to know people and trust me got an ear full - believe I left a message Monday?, but couldn't even make it Tues as I planned due to work and my vehicle breaking down). I tagged it Wed afternoon after work as the F&W agent was picking up the metal tags from my sporting good store and he couldn't believe it. Would love to know if this was the last ever metal tag to be put on a NJ deer?

Metal tags are cool as were stamps when they actually were - now-a-days a digital stamp, really, what's that - no artistry even involved, no stamp collecting, etc. Was packing away all my metal tags the other night and came across these two, the 2nd a NE buck from Fred Bear's honey hole (arrowed an easy 160 to 190+" Godzilla deer, on me quick as I had one small hole of a view, 1st shot 13 yards, and concealed like a sniper high, bundled in cedar branches and yet still picked off and drew before in sight as I heard the most heaviest, deepest roar of the grunt and saw does running, knew he was coming. Feet, waist and all concealed by cedars. Backround branches added all around my head. Bionic deer of NE, truly a 6th or 7th sense, never seen anything like it and truly the hardest whitetail I've ever hunted. The last pic are prob the only two tags I know of what they were other than my 1st ever deer tag of course.

Always believed in honesty as the best policy and it has served me well. My sporting good store always knew I was legit and I tagged a good many deer there as well as buying a prized Remington and an XD. Over the years that sporting good store has supported many even across the nation, and glad to be able to do a small part to help them stay in business.

Online treestand sitting check in on a smart phone is nice, as is calling in a deer - no complaints there. Tags were cool too. Wish for NJ youngster's or first timers could take a buck any season as their first, "horns" on the wall is always a great visual memory no matter the size.
last issued NJ metal deer tag and a NE buck tag.JPG
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