It's Spring - Time to Hit the Waters for Bowfishing Action

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It's Spring - Time to Hit the Waters for Bowfishing Action

Postby ca-archer » Mon Apr 09, 2018 8:47 pm

With the combination of 99% Let Off and the light mass weight of 3.3lbs, the C32 might just be the most perfect bow ever made for bowfishing? The let off allows you to draw and hold, especially when you have to wait for fish to re-rise. It also makes for a more enjoyable day when the action is non-stop by not wearing down your shoulder and shooting arm. A heavy mass weight bow gets extremely tiring as you're usually holding the bow in hand most of the day. Many use old retired bows of 1980s and 90s which can be cumbersome and often feel like a bucket of lead by lunch time. With 99% let off, you can relax into the shot, hold without having to let down (fish or big game), and wait to take the right shot. No longer will you have to rush a shaking shot because you can't hold at full draw. Try for yourself a 99% let off bow and feel the difference - once you do, shooting anything less than 99% let off just doesn't feel quite as good.

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