What's your favorite deboning knife?

From how to butcher in the field to fine dinning, tips and techniques you use. Types of cuts of meat, knives and aides you use, what parts, long term freezing storage, etc.
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What's your favorite deboning knife?

Postby k-villa » Mon Dec 12, 2016 11:36 pm

Not sure where I got this, but the Edge 2001 Surgical Stainless is by far the best de-boning, filleting back strap, tip slicing, razor cutting knife I've found.

Perfect size. Perfect flex, not flimsy, not stiff, and flexes all the way back to handle. Two-three strokes on the steel and cuts razor sharp again, holds edge well too. Peels silver skin and surgically cut tendons out. Follow bone fast and easy one cut slicing and clean bones. Use tip to slice thin meats or to use like a scalpel, again in one stroke. Not to long, nor too short. It is perfect. I'm fast with, surgical with pin point accuracy it, and love it.

Got something similar or what works for you?
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