Pheasant Hunting with a Mr. Mike Furry

All about them little critters. What'd you get and how?
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Pheasant Hunting with a Mr. Mike Furry

Postby ca-archer » Fri Dec 04, 2015 2:29 pm

I had a coal delivery to pick up yesterday and so being Clinton WMA was in between, I decided to get together with a good friend of mine Mr. Mike "Furries" for a little pheasant action. My two dogs were on fire. 5 minutes in my female kicked up a hen. Neither of us were really ready and we both missed. Over all she kicked up four (two out of range) and my male, only one that he works awesome for. He long tracked the running bird, flushed it, then found it for recovery after it running off. Mike made one of the best shots Ive ever seen with a 20 gauge - probably over 55yrds on the dark bird.

Stopped by to visit mom for a few helping things, then 2:30 appointment. Windy n cold but good busy day.

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