The most beautiful part about a pheasant . . .

All about them little critters. What'd you get and how?
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The most beautiful part about a pheasant . . .

Postby k-villa » Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:24 pm

(or even a chucker) is the fact that you can nearly step on them without flushing, you would simply pass right by without the beautifully designed big dog, or sometimes dogs. Perfect to stay down and well camoflauged, some of the best, especially the hen bird and even colorful cock bird. How amazing is a dog's nose - he went left and not right, perfect match and beautiful thing to experience.

9 for 10 on chuckers, Big L found 6 compared to Super L, an upset. Wing both bones and bonesless (breast) and BBQ wing squirrel legs tomorrow approx 7pm, Super bowl Sunday. Will see, slow boil on stove overnight other than strips in coconut (chunk and small flakes), poppy seeds, flour, and black pepper. Doctor it up after frying them tomorrow, add hot sauce, blue cheese or ranch and golden. Dogs enjoyed heart and gizzards.
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