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I just turned 9. I like to read, video games, chess, sports, skating, scouting, hunting, fishing, camping, bike riding, swimming,
I like doing stuff like football outside! i love running around at school. Me and my friends do scavenger hunts outside at recces! :D i play soccer alot and run outside. outside is a great place. except when it is really cold outside that changes a lot. we did play outside today and it was cold. i like fishing and camping. next year i am old enough to hunt.

I love playing guitar an the drums! I am very good at music. I love playing music and learning about music. Its a great talent to master. I have been playing guitar for six years so far. When i go camping i like to play guitar wile watching a camp fire. there's so many things to do with music it can give you history and sometimes a good life with yourself. It =is a amazing thing. if you don't play music or don't know how to play anything it is great to know and you should learn or take lessons.

And if you guys love video games this is for you guys I would really love to see all the games you guys suggested :) thanks. :D :D :D :D Other than Minecraft!!!!! put them in kids corner.

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