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Postby k-villa » Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:17 pm

my name is k-villa and i've been shooting a bow ever since the age of 4. it was a bear cub recurve the same one that my grandson first shot at the age of two and on film, says "cool" after the shot. i love bowhunting and anything related to the mystical flight of the arrow. recurves are a passion of mine, esp bear bows (love the history love the bows) as well as 99% let off. honestly i'd probably prefer taking a 180" buck with a recurve, but as of now it might be a second in a lifetime shot (had it once) and I'm not limiting my distance to 15 yards and still not fully comfortable with it. holding back with 99% let off, often long times and hard hunts, and great quality, can't beat that either.

.... and I like just about anything outdoors and being able to learn from any and all - a pheasant hunter last week just told me about wild anise/anissette growing in a field after grandson said smell this... Anyways, welcome to the boards.
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