Ted Nugent - Spirit of the Wild - Dick Mauch

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Ted Nugent - Spirit of the Wild - Dick Mauch

Postby ca-archer » Wed Feb 03, 2016 10:51 pm

I highly recommend watching the upcoming episode. Dick Mauch - a great man for many reasons, a fore-father of archery and bowhunting, and an amazing story teller. Stories of all the archery legends still living and those in archery heaven including Fred Bear who was a very close and personal friend to Dick. Dick was the 1st recording secretary for the Pope and Young club, member 34 if I remember correctly, the largest Bear Rep in the Northwest, and owner of Cornhusker Bowstrings which provided Bear Archery with all of their strings for many years. He hunted Africa with Fred Bear and many other greats. I know of very few men who have taken one of the follow never mind three of Africa's Big Five. Dick took cape buffalo, a leopard, and an elephant all with Bear recurves. He is mentioned several times in Fred Bear books including "The Autobiography of Fred Bear."

Note the show titled Dick Mauch was falsely labeled. I think the show is to air tomorrow or possibly next week.

Here's a great interview about Dick Mauch
http://bowhunting.net/artman/publish/St ... auch.shtml

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