Not the one but,

From frogs, to rabbits, to deer, to elephant - if you shot it, post a photo of it. We want to see it!
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Not the one but,

Postby Russman » Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:54 pm

Like the title says not the deer I was hunting. However when he came in limping I gave him a look for about 20 minutes before shooting him afterwards I was upset with my decision to say the least I was chasing much bigger deer, now the however comes into play upon skinning him down I saw all that he had gone through in his life and my decision became a little more clearer and a little lighter on my mind for not passing him in hopes of shooting one of the bigger deer I was chasing. At some point in his life he was hit by a car, I noticed it from the broken ribs and the very large amount of calcium and a dislocated elbow on his front leg. I consider myself to be a very tough person as far as pain and tolerance levels are concerned however I don't know if I would have what it takes to go through what he went through until I put him down and in my freezer. Anyway non believer believer strikes again I made a great shot and for that I am very happy, grateful and overall just nice to see an animal that was not feeling 100% feeling okay now.
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