From frogs, to rabbits, to deer, to elephant - if you shot it, post a photo of it. We want to see it!
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Postby Russman » Sat Dec 19, 2015 5:24 pm

This is the 6th deer I killed with my G1 AKA non believer believer lol a nice big six point, I watched him for a year. The prior year he was a seven point with a cheater tine on his left side but suffered an injury I believe from a piece of wrought iron or a fence post from the scar in the photos I had of him and the vertical mark he had on the inside of his shoulder bone. Anyway nice deer great deer especially for the number 6 a 6 point at that with my non believer believer. My kids are pretty damn cute too lol
411. Not that I am against them or have any negative thoughts at anybody that takes them you will never when I say never I mean ever never see me in a hero photo any picture of a dead animal that I get will be with my kids or my dogs but not me. That's just my beliefs but I have not been pictured with a dead animal since I was a teenager one of those little quirks that us humans are known to have.
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Re: Coincidentally.

Postby k-villa » Sat Dec 19, 2015 8:13 pm

your kids are a nice way to age/remember the years? just the two pics from this year to this 6 point says a lot.
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