Forum Update & Anyone Looking to Join/Joined

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Forum Update & Anyone Looking to Join/Joined

Postby nj-rattler » Fri May 05, 2017 3:02 am

Create an account on these boards and create two posts. Go to CA website. Find the easy to find email address. Send an email with a proper Subject mentioning "Forums" asking to become a member. If you already joined and we missed you somehow, make sure you have two posts up for approval, and also email at that website address.

T.O.P. - in hold stage. Can go to full restore, but problems with new updates. Back ups will be made so no posts of images will be lost. A total switch is in back of mind, but another time.

Happy spring shooting, gobbler killin', fishing, gardening or whatever it is that you do in the great and wonderful outdoors.

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