General recipes and of course we could never quite duplicate the ten star rating, but we'll try. Mom-moms, homemade, baking, jerky, all welcome.
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Postby Russman » Sat Apr 02, 2016 8:26 pm

It's almost here, fresh mint is growing and that means one thing here. "Mojitos" 5 or 6 fresh mint leaves mulled with a lite teaspoon of sugar, fresh squeezed lime over it, ice, rum and I top mine with 7-up. BAM the taste of summer.
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Re: Summer

Postby k-villa » Mon Apr 04, 2016 1:19 pm

Your mojitos have become a hit here too during the summer months. I often slightly modify it.

We have pineapple peppermint, regular peppermint and spearmint growing, all of which gives it different taste. I like the spearmint the best. Mints are easy to grow and so hardy - sometimes hard to keep contained. Easy to start growing too, put in a glass of water and roots start growing, then place in ground.

Sprite seems to be the best even over ginger ale. I started adding half non-sweetened iced tea to cut down on some of the sugary flavoring. Celestial Seasonings Sleepy-time tea (spearmint flavored) adds a nice boost.

Looking forward to summertime hot day Cheers!
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