k-villa 2017-18 hunting journal

For your records or to share with others, mark time, temps, moon phases, how many seen, etc.
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k-villa 2017-18 hunting journal

Postby k-villa » Sat Feb 24, 2018 6:54 pm

Fall NJ season 2017
G. son, age 10 (nearly 11), scored a 100, gets hunting license day after opener, a Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon, no earn-a-buck applies to youth, 5 point comes in. Wake him from solid nap. Long wait with crossbow on rail in awkward tiring position. Slight angle towards but nice view of chest and accurate with the weapon. Unfortunately a far back hit and loss of the buck.

Personally maybe a day or 1.5 sits in a treestand, I do remember one spot, sitting blindly with the climer. On the last day of the reg season, I hunt the last evening and put meat in the freezer with the P50.

Arkansas, he and I both take antlerless and a deer .5 in the freezer. Shared with camp friends.

Extended season and almost don't buy an extended archery doe, and buck tag for maybe first time ever?

Pheasant hunt with the dogs 5 times on public Spruce Run, taking about 5 hen birds after youth week. Kid went out twice with new youth 870 20ga during youth week. First time hard walk sore ankle and nothing. Second time close, shot a couple of times to fire the gun, then 15 birds right there. Miss 3 booom booom boom. 2 birds fly, and with two shells in gun, miss, miss. R eload birds flying everywhere. Fires one a long poke, but just hammered away on the pumping of the last two rounds as most of the birds had scattered. "My heart was pumping so hard I couldn't hear anything else, not even the gun going off" his words. Previously, he was afraid of the loud bang without hearing protection.

Opening day shotgun buck, Monday
We've always played hooky, as usual we sat in the ground blind over looking two big open fields. He's got the H&R 20 reach em' out there and poke em slug gun. Doe comes in immediately 40 yards. Didn't buy the doe tag for didn't realize only $12.50 for youth. (wasn't paying $28 for a day tag in his name and my schedule not friendly) . Doe runs off. 8am buck off to the left all the way against brush but still in the shooting lane. We move bi-pods and get set up. Calms down buck sees us but stands still broadside for several minutes. He knows to slowly squeeze the trigger, but still shooting from yet another awkward position. 70 yard shot and not an easy one. He tried really hard, but was a miss on a hard shot. I buy a doe tag at lunch and never get another opportunity during the week or before Jan 1st.

Camera watch the extended bow season. Last ten days of season the NJ Moose shows up, a 150+ doe. Buy doe tag. All nighttime movement, only once in a 3 month period and it was during Christmas New Years Week they came in during daylight. Tag goes to soup.

Jan no time, but bought all around sportsman license $72...
Did not gun hunt January, pheasant stamp expired, maybe a quick deer walk or two on cruncky ice with shotgun doe tag. Morning hunted and once almost scored on 3 stalks in the morning. Cold yucky winter with teens and single temps.

FF >> Late fourth quarter, winter bow, take 4 deer in 6 sits last few weekends of Feb. and almost a few more. Saturday deer ends without a harvest. All four deer taken in extreme pouring rain. Monday, ironically enough President's Day and rainy, and so and I'm able to pull off a couple of hours for the very last of Pheasant/small game. Hunt gun club prop first time. Walking and looking for a rabbit I see often crossing the road, or looking up for squirrels (or look for ducks to see what kind along the stream or any migratory bird) I am become ever more doubtful as I cover a lot of land to to not see a pheasant or chuckar (both of which are stocked on Saturdays - approx 25 acre property and so most birds get killed or flushed off). The very back of etzels the dogs flush a cock bird. One shot fired from the youth 20ga and the bird is down. My first cock bird of the 2017-18 season. As I kid I grew up with the 20 and have always loved the round, and always route for the underdog. Ended with a bang on the NJ 17-2018 season.
Concept Believer - faith in your archery equipment
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