2017 k-villa garden

All about growing vegetable and flower gardens; bulbs, soil acidity, tomatoes, and even fruit trees.
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2017 k-villa garden

Postby k-villa » Thu May 11, 2017 11:39 am

Rototiller worked great, as did the testing of soil ph and fertility. 4 bales of straw and 2 of hay thrown down for weed control and to help keep moisture in, plus compost for next year.

3 flats of tomatoes and peppers growing since March 23rd, mostly heirloom seeds, many of which I first grew since 2011.

Some of the varieties:

Cheyenne peppers Kurt O11/S16, Kim O14/S16
Hoin - Sweet Chili O15/S16/P5-21
Hoin - Sweet Thai O15/S16/P5-21
Hoin - Ferinhet Paperika O15/S16
Pimento -
Cal Wunder LV O/S16
Bell - O11/S16
Ace Green to Red MA 013/S16

Beef - O11/S16 plus LV (Heirloom) O/S16
Old German O11/S16
Hybrid Martha Washington O/S16
Best Cherry O/S11
Big Boy MA 013/S16
Roma MA 013/S16

Strawberries are looking good. Kale and some other greens survived the winter as did some herbs. More to follow.


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