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2017 k-villa garden

Posted: Thu May 11, 2017 7:39 am
by k-villa
Rototiller worked great, as did the testing of soil ph and fertility. 4 bales of straw and 2 of hay thrown down for weed control and to help keep moisture in, plus compost for next year.

3 flats of tomatoes and peppers growing since March 23rd, mostly heirloom seeds, many of which I first grew since 2011.

Some of the varieties:

Cheyenne peppers Kurt O11/S16, Kim O14/S16
Hoin - Sweet Chili O15/S16/P5-21
Hoin - Sweet Thai O15/S16/P5-21
Hoin - Ferinhet Paperika O15/S16
Pimento -
Cal Wunder LV O/S16
Bell - O11/S16
Ace Green to Red MA 013/S16

Beef - O11/S16 plus LV (Heirloom) O/S16
Old German O11/S16
Hybrid Martha Washington O/S16
Best Cherry O/S11
Big Boy MA 013/S16
Roma MA 013/S16

Strawberries are looking good. Kale and some other greens survived the winter as did some herbs. More to follow.



Re: 2017 k-villa garden

Posted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 7:41 am
by k-villa
New for 2017 Hoinowski San Marz, "World Famous" Portugal Candi, and Sweet 100s. All heirloom, all from local seed. Berries and plenty of other goodies growing well. LOTS and LOTS of rain this spring - too much in fact plus it's been cool to down right cold which hasn't been good for new seeds going directly into dirt - had to replant several (still no cucumbers that I see). Past 2-3 weeks about 12+inches as seen on the bucket (up to the brick)