Black Mamba Snake vs. PH "Wild Bill's" Remington 7mm

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Black Mamba Snake vs. PH "Wild Bill's" Remington 7mm

Postby k-villa » Wed May 11, 2016 7:26 pm

Just got these awesome photos from PH Wild Bill, of a black mamba snake taken with his 7mm Remington 700 rifle. While on a sit at a water hole in South Africa, this massive and extremely deadly black mamba appeared above the hunters in a tree above their ground blind. The client, unaware of the large snake above with it's deadly head less than 2ft from their heads, was more than startled when the PH's 7mm rang out. After the incident, the client, called it a day and went back to the lodge and to have a scotch then go to bed. Note the Remington 700 with no bluing left on much of the rifle's metal; chalk up another kill and possibly saved life to that well traveled, well used rifle that always seems to find it's mark.
Black Mamba vs. Remington 700 7mm
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