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CA6 Slyamore, Arkansas October 7-14th 2017

Posted: Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:35 pm
by ca-archer
Heading back 118,000 acres Sylamore WMA. This hint is limited number of bowhunters and a few very interested/for sures goings. Most will be arriving Saturday October 7th and leaving the following Saturday October 14th. More to follow

Camping free (hunt outside your tent), hole digging strolls, solar power and freezer are a most likely along with an engineered weekly hot shower or two?
Adult bowhunter License - $180 for 5 day (M-F hunters) $55 for 1 day, youth archery licenses were free last few years
Women and youth welcomed.
3 deer (only 1 buck), furbearers including bob cat and coyote have been included on the license in the past. Bear included w $350 annual license. Might see pigs, but can't shoot them During bow season on WMAs.
No additional costs other than travel to and from, breakfast and lunches (you bring)

Cooking contest with award - new this year is that everyone will be in the contest. May have groups of two or more. Think of easy or conplex campfire meals. Sides and especially desserts are winners. Desserts can be simple and store bought even. Save reciepts as dinner costs will be reimbursed.

Recurve contest is back too.

Arkansas is considered by many to be a sleeper state. A huge majority of bucks taken are 3.5 years or older. Very good chance you won't see another hunter all week. Big bucks are there.


Re: CA6 (annual hunt) Arkansas October 7-14th 2017

Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 1:36 am
by ca-archer
Arkansas FG Regulations are posted for 2017
License fees: ... glicenses/

Re: CA6 (annual hunt) Arkansas October 7-14th 2017

Posted: Tue Jun 20, 2017 3:19 am
by ca-archer
May have to go to calling this "CA6: Early Bucks & Bears, Arkansas 2017"

The bear quota was met, often while we hunted and so previous our tags were no good. Bears have been seen and heard, including our last hunt. Area is good are for bear. Good for big bucks. Bobcats also.

Maybe the Bear quota won't be met in AR again and again and again, and if we can't shoot pigs this year, one of us stick a boar of another kind, a big black hairy one. Have to buy the full license of $350 (get 6+ days to hunt) but also get a bear tag, fur bearers including bob cat and lots of deer - doe and buck tag. Bears are there, have been seen, heard and shot by a few others we know. Early season maybe dumber and thirsty?

Big bucks, bears and all sorts of critters and all by our lonesomes on 118,000 acres.

Re: CA7 (annual hunt) Arkansas October 7-14th 2017

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 4:38 am
by ca-archer

118000 Acres = 184.375 Square Miles.
Ever have a hard time finding hunting land?

Re: CA6 (annual hunt) Arkansas October 7-14th 2017

Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2017 3:02 am
by ca-archer
CA6 has completed. Overall the hunt went well, good times by all, weather was hot with a few cold evenings, and no rain. Unfortunately, deer movement was at a lull. Two deer were however harvested; a small buck, and a doe by a ten year old youngster - his first ever. Dinners were very good and there was a new camp chef this year. A newly found swimming hole was a nice addition. Pigs were seen by a few including the three on trail camera that was a mere 18 yards from the yute on day one. Deer ran through camp one day at lunch for fun excitemtn. At minimum two nice bucks seen. Three bear seen by another. No rattlesnakes encounters, but a male black widow on the kid's pack at camp was a "hello and welcome to the Ozarks" wake up. Another encounter was from a 2"+ brown recluse? spider next to 3" idler wheel. US Forrest Service marking trees Hurricane. Recurve mid-day shooting as always, can be humbling. Bear season quota met on the day we left - bears seen as well as bear scat, and P Lane, the Wedding Chapel and few other traditions kept. Another guy admitted to the group that he was an ashamed and hidden NY Knicks fan, we helped him come out. Group photo in headlights. No bang of an ending. Fast gone week. Good company by all, beautiful country/wilderness. More photos to follow.

BBQ pulled pork sandwiches
Chili with all the fixings, chocolate chip cookies for dessert
Dutch Oven Pizza, vanilla ice cream and berry crepe of some sort
Venison Shisk-a-Bobs, candy bars and cookies
Back Strap Steaks with Stuffed Peppers and other sides, cakes
Front Shoulder Chili with fixing, pumpkin and berry pie
Local Fish Fry with newly found friends

ca6 arkansas 2017 group pic - 800 v2.jpg

pigs arkansas ca6 2017.jpg

dutch oven pizza ca6 2017.jpg

camp chef award ca6 2017.jpg

gunners pool ar ca6 2017.jpg

fox pendant.jpg

black widow - male - AR ozarks 2017.jpg

sylamore ar ca6 ar deer first 1st 2017.jpg

Just weeks later, two eight points in the 135+" class (one scores well, other heavy, uneven points and 6" broken on main beam but still gross score well) were taken on this WMA by a friend's relatives during the muzzleloader season. 3.5 year old is the average aged buck taken in AR and usually with a very good success rate. Most archers would be very happy with a 130-140" buck AND there still are whoppers much higher taken out of there and throughout the State.

Re: CA6 Slyamore, Arkansas October 7-14th 2017

Posted: Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:49 am
by ca-archer
a few more photos - almost dead deer behind photo number one on ground stalking - fooling with the camera instead of paying attention with the bow. Concept's small idler wheel is 3", that I believe, brown recluse is over 2 inches. Walking stick bugs are cool and everywhere. Last pic, camp sky at night:

1 slyamore wma woods perfect - deer on other side - ca6 2017.jpg

slyamore ar woods 2017.jpg

ca6 double ladder treestand - slyamore wma - death delivered.jpg

tree stand view - xbow.jpg

honey hole ground blind - ca6 sylamore arkansas.jpg

sun light high ar woods slyamore wma.jpg

brown recluse AR ozarks 3 inch wheel 2017.jpg

male female walking sticks AR ozarks.jpg

camp night sky ca6 2017.jpg