CA7 - Sylamore WMA, Arkansas 2012, October 2017

Information, updates and results about Concept Archery's annual hunts.
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CA7 - Sylamore WMA, Arkansas 2012, October 2017

Postby nj-rattler » Thu Mar 23, 2017 12:35 pm

Heading back to Sylamore. Limited number of bowhunters and a few very interested/for sures goings. Hunt will be 1st week of October. More to follow

Camping free amongst 118,000 acres, hole digging strolls, solar power and freezer are a most likely along with an engineered weekly hot shower or two? Semi-rough camping it, free camping, hunt just outside your tent.
Weekly dinners cost per person $100.00; kids mature 11-fourteen $75.00
Adult bowhunter License - approx $150, youth archery licenses were free
Women welcomed.
3 deer (only 1 buck), furbearers including bob cat and coyote have been included on the license in the past. Bear was in past - new digest still not out yet. Might see pigs, but most likely can't shoot them with archery equipment.
No additional costs other than travel to and from, breakfast and lunches (you bring)

Cooking contest with award - new contest this year - details to follow
Recurve contest is back too.


Pre-note - CA8 Colorado elk and mule deer hunt. Mule deer is a draw and approx $400 application fee due in Spring (returned if not tag not drawn - decent odds?). Elk over the counter $650-750. Camping just as Arkansas. Start saving if need be now.


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Re: CA7 - Sylamore WMA, Arkansas 2012, October 2017

Postby k-villa » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:06 am

A recent FB post about a certain ham dinner, good times for sure.
bottle of deer pee be next to the salt and pepper shakers might be expected?

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