Bees Moving Back In? June 2016

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Bees Moving Back In? June 2016

Postby k-villa » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:27 pm

Harvested some honey late last fall after die off (huge part of my bees swarmed and never recovered since). So I left the wax and some honey left from two boxes. When I first put out there in early April I had a few robbers, then more and more robbers - fast in fast out. I crated off the entrance in the front but left the box there and moth ball below the entire box to prevent moths from moving in. 1st of June I opened it and now about 3 weeks later, slow flying hovering bees who look like they're cleaning out the box for entrance and old wax cleaned and re-used, hopefully to move in? Left over an acre of clover standing for them and my yard is covered with bees. I actually got stung on the foot like when I was a kid - lack of bees anymore... and/or kids inside I guess.
field of clover bee hive rebirth NJ.JPG
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