American Yew - BEWARE pet owners & people, a bowyers wood,

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American Yew - BEWARE pet owners & people, a bowyers wood,

Postby ca-archer » Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:04 am

The American Yew
Funny story, I read up on this yew and about how deadly poisoners it is other than it's fruit. The next day I went to visit my mom and there in front of her apartment was the American Yew. Note that she lives downtown and that this shrub was right along the sidewalk in a neighborhood packed full of people, children, dogs and other pets.

The yew, several species, has always been used for years by bowyers. The grains of the wood are tightly closed and the wood has an elastic type reaction went bent, giving a yew bow more speed than often other types of wood. The American Yew are relatively small compared to other yew species. Often they are maintained and trimmed like a shrub. The oldest know yew is a Clactonian Yew, a massive yew in the UK, which is estimated to be an unbelievable 450,000 years old.

Everything, other than the seeds, are deadly poisonous, especially the seeds within the fruit. Two seeds can kill a horse. The leaves and bark are also deadly. It has been noted that pets and livestock have died from eating the berries. I wonder how many have died without knowing what was the cause? Death is not a pleasant death either. After hours of yew poisoning, symptoms include an accelerated heart rate, muscle tremors, convulsions, collapse, difficulty breathing, circulation impairment and eventually cardiac arrest.

Something to also note is that additionally, male and monoecious yews in this genus release cytotoxic pollen, which can cause headaches, lethargy, aching joints, itching, and skin rashes; it is also a trigger for asthma. These pollen granules are extremely small, and can easily pass through window screens.

I do not recommend eating the fruit, though video's I've seen so people removing the seed by hand and eating the fruity pulp. No seeds ever enter their mouth.

american yew berry and seed.jpg
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