What'd ya know about the good ol' yellow Butter Cup

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What'd ya know about the good ol' yellow Butter Cup

Postby k-villa » Tue May 24, 2016 6:13 pm

yup, poisonous. Those little, bright yellow flowers you hold up to your chin or to that of a girl you like, they contain acrid which is poisonous. Now picking several as a kid here in the US, no one that I know of has died, but there are several species of Butter Cups and even the ones here on the US contain amount of acrid which can cause skin blistering and be very poisonous to dog, cats, and livestock. And of course, who doesn't like butter...

A good friend and I went to an outside music festival at an organic farm last weekend and a field was loaded with yellow buttercups... sure hope they don't move livestock into the field.
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