Wild Anisette or Anise? How to and uses incl medicinal

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Wild Anisette or Anise? How to and uses incl medicinal

Postby k-villa » Thu Dec 10, 2015 3:18 pm

Can go under medicinal as well for its was often used for coughs and respiratory illnesses. Commercial anise seeds are used today mostly in cookies because of its strong black licorice taste. Im not sure of the difference of anise vs anisette? In fact I just discovered Thanksgiving morning while pheasant hunting. Tristan being a little board, picked the flowerhead and asked me to smell it. It smelt great and a club member said that its anise. The field was covered with them so I need to figure out what and how to do with them. I love black licorice. Tea comes to mind for these seem to be late in the season.
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