Homemade Teas - 2016/2017

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Homemade Teas - 2016/2017

Postby k-villa » Mon Dec 19, 2016 8:58 pm

I'm really happy with the tastes of the teas and what I've made so far.

A blend of wild chamomile, gill over the ground and spearmint is a nice blend as is chamomile, golden rod and spearmint. Wild chamomile and golden rod is nice to drink on there own. So fare the few others who have tried have given them a thumbs up. I add a little bit of raw honey to all my teas after steeped.

Eucalyptus, rosemary and spearmint is really good. I could can see it helping with sinus issues and congestion. Anxious to try replacing the rosemary with white pine and just white pine plain in general.

Wish I kept more and wish I dried out some Staghorn Sumac. Sumac and eucalyptus I'm thinking would have been a good combo as would plain sumac hot with honey.

Bought a 100 tea bags directly from China and from what I read, only two producers of tea bags worldwide and both are in China. Will be ordering more.

Dried so far:
Wild Chamomile, Gill Over the Ground, Eucalyptus, Borage, Golden Rod leaves, wild Woodland Spearmint, Peppermint
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