Cam and Idler Wheel Bearings - Comparison Photo

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Cam and Idler Wheel Bearings - Comparison Photo

Postby ca-archer » Wed Nov 25, 2015 12:38 am

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Compare both bearings, the one on the left is what is used by many if not most of the archery manufacturers today while the one on the right is what we, Concept Archery uses. The one on the left is a sealed, foreign made ball bearing containing 7 balls, spaced (not touching) and filled with grease. The width of the bearing is also a fraction of the length of our bearings. Most if not all ball bearings of this size are produced in China, however the wide needle roller bearings that we use are American made. Ball bearings similar to the one on the left are about $0.30 each. The Concept bearing, the one on the right, is a 1/4" needle roller bearing containing 15 touching needle rollers. They are accessible to be cleaned and greased when the cam or idler wheel's axles are removed. We pay about $25 a bow in bearings (two in the cam and two in the idler wheel), but when a staff shooter, Marcus Waterworth, sends in a bow that has over 250,000 shots on it and we see that his bearings are as good as new other than a cleaning and greasing, well, we know that we are doing something right. Which one would you rather have your fierce moving axle spin on? Which one do you think would provide a smoother draw and less vibration on the shot?

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