Any New Grilling Recipes?

Elk, Moose, Deer - All sorts of venison
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Any New Grilling Recipes?

Postby k-villa » Wed Jun 22, 2016 10:18 pm

Venison, chicken, lamb, beef anything good.

So far kabobs have been a hit twice - once at beach and other at b-day party. 2nd cooking was different - 1st ever with carrot slices and jalapeno and no broccoli - usual slices of garlic on one side of marinated meat and pineapple on the other side, some with pineapple jalapeno. Was good but missed the broccoli that holds in lots of the liquid marinade of pineapple juice (buy rings, cut in quarters and poor juice in, med amount of italian dressing, dash or two of soy sauce or Worcestershire. Yearling backstraps are preferred.
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