lossing / loss of a pet / family member

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lossing / loss of a pet / family member

Postby k-villa » Sun Mar 06, 2016 9:05 am

A good friend who moved several year ago to AZ, lost his 14 year old collie, Ginger and is in sorrow and bad mourning. He's absolutely heart broken and it's the hardest thing he has ever dealt with. Prayers appreciated.

My sis, her 3 year old poodle, Denver, is facing an almost quick and fatal bound of cancer. Thankfully the dog put on 10lbs after loosing more than that to 2-3 weeks of chemo. She found out about 6 weeks ago and it's a fast and rapid cancer, so I pray that the family enjoys Denver and high spirits as long as possible, before the inevitable.

May God bless. Enjoy and cherish each day.

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