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Postby ca-archer » Thu Jul 26, 2018 11:34 pm

First, there were the Concept Archery forums. The forums were active and we had a good amount of members posting often. The forums ran on wowBB, a free forum software. Though we did all we could for back ups, an updated release crashed the site and we could not restore it. Part of it was user error as back ups were not being full backups and so only posts could be restored without photos. User's passwords needed to be reset as well which caused a lot of problems.

After a few years of being down, The Outdoor Playground was launched in 2015 to run in conjunction with Concept Archery. Many of us have other outdoor hobbies other than just bowhunting and so we were looking to create a truly unique forum. These new forums were/are ran on phpBB software. After many years of solid performance, a well-needed, new version was released and we could not get the software to properly install. Hours and hours, possibly even days, were attempted and in many different ways, but ultimately the new release never upgraded these boards. Being stuck on outdated software has now allowed Bots to obviously try and register users and hence the reason for 35,000+ members (99% un-activated, for they needed to answer security questions and be approved). New registration has been turned off.

Currently, it is great to see however that on average, posts are getting a true opening of 900 to 1,500 views. These are legitimate views, which means that viewers are getting value from this board. For now, viewers will have to be like Facebook Lurkers and not be able to post, just poke around, but it's my hope to be able to 1) get the forum updated which would stop the Bots and also allow legit registration, or 2) transfer the forum over to another platform, possibly a WordPress site with a forum plug-in? Forums are never easy and in 15+ years of being active on or running forums, I've seen many come and go due to software bugs, glitches, or hacks.

A little prayer for free time and a quick solution to attempt 1 again with new releases or a for 2 a more proven converter to bring phpBB to WordPrss, is always appreciated. :D
In the meantime enjoy, and if ever in need to contact us, sales -a-t- ConceptArchery dot commie will always get answered.
God bless.

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