Three Recent Concept Owners, Tried Others Only to Return "Spoiled"

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Three Recent Concept Owners, Tried Others Only to Return "Spoiled"

Postby ca-archer » Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:24 pm

We recently talked with three Concept owners (funny coincidences like this) who took a walk on the dark side with bows of other manufacturers. Two of the 3 acquired their relatively new models (two different manufacturers) and the third owner, did a new purchase. All three sold or are in the process of selling their new bows and went back to shooting their Concept.

Two stated their new bows were extremely hard to tune with one staying once tuned, it went out of tune after a few sessions of shooting. He also said even though being a dual cam, he gained only a little bit of speed, but the bow was heavy, very short in the valley, and was not as accurate. The only benefit of slight speed was not worth a switch. His words were that his Concept "spoiled" him. Loud and full of vibration were other common complaints.

There's something to be said for a CNC machined riser from solid billet and a reason why other top manufacturers do it for their high end competition bows - bow models that need the utmost in fine precision for the most accurate shooting; ones were that an arrow a fraction of an inch can make the podium (advertising for them) or a ticket home without recognition/reward. There's also something to be said about a very effective, energy efficient, single cam. We have literately received Concept bows in for work to see a rest set up a 1/4" out of spec, yet still bullet hole through paper. There's something to be said about a Concept, something different, and just not the 99% let off. Bows built right, bows built for life.

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