Concept Fact No 9: Risers Machined out of Solid Billet

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Concept Fact No 9: Risers Machined out of Solid Billet

Postby ca-archer » Sun Nov 13, 2016 10:03 pm

Many probably don't know what a solid billet riser is, and prior to Concept Archery, I too had no idea. A solid billet is solid rectangular block of aluminum which is then machined, or milled down small layer by layer at a time, to eventually create a riser (bow mid-section and handle). Our Believer riser for example starts with a 32 pound bar of aluminum, which then is CNC machined down for about 45 minutes to create a mere 2+ pound final product. Costs? For sure and huge money. Our risers are made out of 6061T aircraft grade, quality aluminum.

Other options: extrusions or molds.

Extrusions are a sheet of aluminum that was cut roughly the same shape as the riser as if looking at it from the side. Picture a slice of bread molded with bends and curves of the arrow shelf, then anywhere from 6 or more risers cut out or stamped of that loaf of bread. Pros: faster machining and less aluminum waste. Problems are warping and trust me, we've seen it first hand, precision machining and overall strength. Picture a top limb not lining up with the bottom and each model may slightly vary.

Molds, aluminum poored into a mold. The CNC machine then only needs to go over a very minor surface to refine and produce a finished product. Fastest way to machine a riser, very little aluminum wasted, and probably the most profitable. Cons: air pockets with the possibility of the riser snapping in two, and less strength with the possibility of a bent riser.

I know for certain that a few of the other big manufacturers, as in the top 5, machine their competition and high end bows with solid billet. Why? Precision, strength, and knowing that a fraction of an inch of warping can cause the archer to loose that competition which means over all less sales. Guess what you pay for their solid billet machined bows? Average of $1,100 or more. Compare to Concept's prices.

Our bows don't bend in bow presses. Our bows and from what I've seen, even personally witnessing two, often very much have the possibility to shoot robinhoods on first day of ownership. This is just one of the many reasons, our bows are some of the very most accurate bows on the market.

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