Concept Fact No 8: Advertised Bow Speeds, "There are no IBO policeTM"

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Concept Fact No 8: Advertised Bow Speeds, "There are no IBO policeTM"

Postby ca-archer » Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:47 pm

In the bow world, "Speed Sells", and as I often say, there are NO IBO Police - a term I came up with many years ago. There is no certification or company out there truly stating or governing what speeds are being marketed by manufacturers.

International Bowhunting Organization, or IBO, created an uniform way to give the consumer an idea of what type of speed they can expect from their bow.

The Formula:
- 70 pound bow
- 30" draw
- 350 grain arrow (really light, compared to most archers arrow)

I will say that Concept is one of the very very few, to state true IBO speeds. In fact, on our C32 model, I believe we state slightly lower than what we get shooting the IBO formula. To get our IBO speeds, we shoot our bows bare we nothing on the string other than a brass nock, through a tuned drop away rest, and a 350 grain arrow with no fletching, 3 times, then average the speed.

One great reference is the magazine, Bowhunting World. Each issue showcases a bow on their BowReport section, shot at 70 pounds, 30 inches, and with a 385 grain arrow (35 grains heavier than IBO). Almost every issue of every bow shown from various manufacturers, shoot anywhere from 20 to 30+ feet per second slower than their advertised speed. How much is 35 grains to really change on speed? You can review their archived issues here and see for yourself:

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