Bowstrings - Maintenance & How to Wax + SPRING STRING SPECIAL - SAVE $20

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Bowstrings - Maintenance & How to Wax + SPRING STRING SPECIAL - SAVE $20

Postby ca-archer » Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:30 am

Now's the time. String and Cables looking frayed or hairy? Waxing will NOT help, only temporarily make it look good and mask the problem for the fibers have already separated. Once separated the strands become weak and weaker. Lack of waxing can also cause your strings to simply break. Fibers and plastic dry, add lots of shots and you're waiting for possibly dangerous blow up. I personally know of a bow tech knock outed from a limb hitting him in the head, another not being able to talk for nearly a month as a string wrapped around his neck. I personally worked on a 80lb XYZ non-Concept bow for a customer and knew I should have not for the cable set was looking extremely hairy and dry. The lower limb shattered and pieces shot everywhere possibly faster than our chronograph could have recorded? It can become dangerous real fast - always wear eye pro when servicing bows AND do not neglect your string and cables. Replace them when needing replacement.

I know of many that wax their string and cable set after every shooting session. Yes it does greatly extend the life of the string and cable sets. We recommend waxing about every 100-200 shots. If you live in hot dry environments or shoot in the sun a lot, you may need to apply wax more often. If the string starts feeling dry, apply wax. Never leave your bow in hot environments if you can, especially sealed up cars in the summer.

Wax with Silicone is best for compound bows, non-silicone wax for Trad bows. We recommend even applying wax to serving material, however don't over wax serving especially the serving going around the idler wheel and cam (eccentrics). If you start seeing wax build up on the eccentrics, which collects dirt, which then can start acting like sand paper and cut serving and eventually bow strands, you are applying too much wax. You want to apply a decent coating but not have globs left on the string. Using a small piece of leather to rub and melt the wax into the strands is strongly recommended.

Remember serving separation is often common for there are hard corners or "ears" as we call them on the cam that the string must go over. Separation is always safe, it's when the strands of the string or cable start getting cut that you have a problem. A bare string can run around a cam all day and shoot perfectly fine. The serving offers a little protection and helps keep the string riding in the eccentric's tracks.

Hope this helps - take care of your equipment and it will take care of you, do it now during the slow season for a blow up at the beginning of archery season or on the 3D course is never any fun. AND take advantage of the below savings.

Factory String and Cable Set with FREE Shipping to you: $55.00
Normally $75 plus ship

Full Tune Up Service and Installation of New Strings by Concept Archery: $75 plus $32 return ship.
Full disassemble, clean and lube, new strings with accessories tied in, rest laser and paper tuned!
Normally $95 plus ship

All string sets are BCY 452X.

Offer EXTENDED until the First Day of Summer, 6/21/18

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