Concept Fact No 6: Our String and Cables

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Concept Fact No 6: Our String and Cables

Postby ca-archer » Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:34 pm

Our string and cables are made from quality BCY products. BCY is a well known company offering many in the archery industry outstanding fibers for bowyers of all sorts. We're proud to have BCY fibers on our bows.

Our string and cables are all "custom" made by hand and very well made. That's not to say that periodically a serving may come untied, but I will say it is very rare. They hold up and shoot very well.

What is common with our single cam design, is a gap or separated space in the bus cable (lower cam area, "string" closest to the riser). This separated space is caused by the hard corner or "ear" as we call it, on the cam. The cam has a sharp 30-40 degree angle to go around and causes the serving to have a gap. This is and was common for many compound bow manufacturers that used single cam's similar to our design.

The good news is that there is absolutely nothing to worry about. The serving is separated, however the strands of the bus cable are running smoothly in the track of the cam and the same direction. Never will that ear cut into your bus cable's strands. Shoot away in confidence.

Maintenance of your Concept's bow string and cable
All compound bow string and cables should be waxed, or at least imo all hunting compound bow string and cables should be waxed. Keeping it simpler, we recommend waxing our/your bow's string and cable approx every 3 to 5 sections of practice shooting. If heavy shooting lets say on a 3D course and in sun and elements, hunting in dry rough country maybe after every use, etc than maybe daily. Someone in TX should wax their strings and cables more often than lets say in a somewhat humid climate. The better you take care of your string and cables the longer they last. Once you start seeing frizzes or fuzzes on your bowstring, wax it all you want but those fibers are already starting to separate. You'll need a new string (and always replace cables same time!) soon. If you see strands cut, then replacement is needed right away. Never store your bow in a hot car or truck and if needing to do so temporarily, then make sure the window is cracked for it will make a huge temperature difference.

For wax we recommend Bohning's Seal-Tite bowstring wax - the green tube. It has silicone in it and is specifically designed for compound bows. The Text-Tite wax - red tube is designed for traditional bows. I recommend picking up both - instructions are on the tube. Made in the USA and for a long long long time - same old good product.
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