Concept Fact No 4: Our Cams

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Concept Fact No 4: Our Cams

Postby ca-archer » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:40 am

Since 2007 the number of bent cams on any Concept model that we had to replace:
(0) Zero!

... and with 99% let off, we've seen our fair share of dry fires. Did we mention that all parts of our bow hold up like a tank? Ask any bow shop technician on how often they need to replace bent cams due to dry fires and you'll be sure to hear some stories. Thin spoked cams bend and often quite easily. I've personally witnessed a few other manufacturers bows being accidentally dry fired, two of which destroyed the cam, one both the cam and limb went flying in pieces. One has to wonder, especially with some of these bows heavily pre-loaded and fiberglass limbs stressed and pushed to the max, that if cams don't start to bend just under the tension and continuous shooting of the bow? Needless to say there's a lot of stored energy in today's bows and often materials are being used to somewhat dangerous levels.

I know of bowhunter who went on a very expensive back country Colorado elk hunt. After a 3 hours horse ride up into high mountainous, aspen country, when he went to check that his bow was sighted in, he was only able to get to half draw before feeling something wrong. Though he had his bow in a padded protective case, at some point the horse backed up into a tree and bent his cam. Three out of 5 days of his hunt he was without a bow. On day 5 he did take a smaller satellite bull as his first, and he was ecstatic, so it was a hunt that ended well.

In Arkansas, I drew back on a bob cat when he was at about 50 yards and his head behind a large tree. I was in a seated position in my stand and rested the cam of the fully drawn bow on my right knee. As I sat at full draw for over 5 minutes as this keen eyed critter worked his way up the hill towards me. He stopped broadside at a pre-ranged log that was 18 yards. The pin was dead settled on his chest and knew this bob cat was dead. As I released the cam rotated into the metal cross bar of my treestand. Whack and I mean whack. The cam took a nick but still 100% functional. Of course being an owner, I had spare parts if ever needed, but we want our bows to hold up under any conditions or mishaps. I didn't get the bob cat, only his tail of all things.

The single cam design that we use on all Concept bows are also extremely efficient with very little energy lost. Our cam design is considered moderately aggressive and how we are able to achieve excellent, true IBO speeds, even with the bigger brace heights. Approximately 22% of our customers have rotator cuff injury or other ailments, yet we still get feedback of how they're able to pull more weight back on our bows compared to other manufacturer's bows. When plotting out the curve of the draw cycle, the graph shows a a beautiful rounded, smooth draw and the huge 99% let off drop in the last approx 1/4-3/8" of the draw cycle. Wide platform needle roller bearings in our cams and idler wheels help with a smooth draw and even slightly faster speeds also! Our cams are built well.

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