Concept Fact No 3: Limbsaver "Decelerator" vs. Traditional String Stop

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Concept Fact No 3: Limbsaver "Decelerator" vs. Traditional String Stop

Postby ca-archer » Tue Aug 16, 2016 11:33 pm

The Limbsaver String Decelerators that come standard on our flagship models and available for any bow, is what we feel to be a superior component. Why? Traditional stops normally have a rubber material acting as the stop and generally those stops are flat and hard. This causes the string to come to an abrupt stop when the string makes contact with the flat hard surface. The Limbsaver Decelerator's rubber node is cup shaped with a hollow air pocket in the center. The string to moves into the cup of the node, decelerating the string by allowing it to move forward. I'm not 100% certain, but I do believe that it may pinch the string to further aid in the deceleration. According to Limbsaver this causes the arrow to have little to no "nock travel". This seems to make very much sense, and though I have not specially seen any high framed slow speed video to prove one way or the other, I have seen a handful of bows with string stops that cause all sorts of arrow issues upon contact of the stop. Remove the stop and you get better to perfect arrow flight. Sometimes tuning for hours can drive one nuts!

This is not to say our bows or others won't shoot well with a traditional stop, but we have looked at several over the years and still believe Limbsavers are superior. You will notice a huge difference comparing a bow with and without the decelerator. We recommend it for all of our models, for string jumping by weary whitetails is well documented. Less vibration is good for all: the bow, the archer, and the deer, well maybe not the deer. The rubber node is made from Limbsaver's proprietary vibration dampening material which is known world wide. It was upon it's release a revolutionary product and still is. It's the patented rubber-like material that started the whole vibration reduction craze in not only archery, firearms but also in other sports. It all started with Sims Vibration Laboratories. The decelerator is of course a USA made product! It's simple and solid in design with not one to ever fail on our customers (at least that we know of). The older rubber nodes we have seen wear out upon lots of shooting, however the newer rubber nodes seem to last even longer. Both nodes will last thousands of shots and replacement rubber nodes are available. Limbsaver's customer service are always professional and pleasant to deal with, and they have been an outstanding company to work with. We've had customer feedback state the same. As with most of what we put on our bows, we can buy cheaper, but we believe in what we put on our bows all with good reason.

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