Concept Fact No 2: Stainless Steel Hardware

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Concept Fact No 2: Stainless Steel Hardware

Postby ca-archer » Wed Aug 10, 2016 11:38 pm

Stainless steel as most know is not cheap. Did you know that our stabilizer bushings, draw stop screws, and occasionally our limb bolt washers are all made stainless steel? Your stabilizer will never rust/weld to the bushing and provided sand and other debris is clear of the threading, your stabilizer will always unscrew with ease. Nor will your draw stop break due to rust or cheaper steel, even if like hunting in lots of foul weather. We've never had to warranty one draw stop due to breakage! We also take the time and expense to use Red Locktite threadlocker on the draw stop screw, the cable rod screws, and other hardware to make sure those threaded parts don't back out.

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