new addition, Hoyt Pro hunter

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new addition, Hoyt Pro hunter

Postby k-villa » Fri Aug 04, 2017 11:45 pm

the best condition one I have 48#
well built and well kept
quiver, sights, and zipper case
killed a soccer ball at about 30 yards. missed with the first shot using my only blunted arrow.
main sticker missing is about the only major flaw on the bow - tips and limb look near new.

Hoyt has and continues to make nice recurves.
Today, in the Olympics they are the very top in the archery arena. Buffalos and other newer/current models, really outstanding hunting/shooting bows.

Martin recurves are other outstanding US made recurve bows today. Both manufacturers are top quality.

hoyt pro hunter 48lb recurve bow quiver sights.jpg

hoyt prohunter quiver sites recurve bow.jpg
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Both bows are tack drivers!

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