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I'll try almost anything

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 8:08 am
by Up North
If deer drives are a touchy subject, the crossbow issue could assassinate an arch duke :o least in my state. I just want to try shooting one, to see what they're like. I can see the "benefit" while hunting. I just still like my Concept bow and couldn't justify the expense of a crossbow if I wanted one.

Re: I'll try almost anything

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:30 am
by ca-archer
I think they have their place. I do think they are much different than a compound bow, but than again so is a recurve compared to a compound. For some purposes, I must say I do like the crossbow. That being said, my compound by far is still my favorite.

Re: I'll try almost anything

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 7:26 pm
by Russman
So here's the story. I fought the crossbow issue like a little kid whose parents are making him go to bed. In the end the kid goes to sleep. That being said we now allow crossbows are we killing more deer probably are we wounding more deer, not all but I do believe the gun hunters that came over because the sport is now opened are definitely doing their share. I am only saying this because the first year they allowed crossbow hunting in New Jersey I was talking with a guy over Thanksgiving weekend who was involved in a deer drive with the use of crossbows he took a shot at a deer on a full run and got nothing but white fur. He told me one thing that made me want to punch him square in the mouth I don't really care about the meat I just want the horns not a big fan of these people. Anyway back to my story like I stated I was very very very against the crossbows, then my Forever Friend Bill got involved with the archery company called Concept Archery. I finally got one at that point I figured honestly what is one more percent going to hurt. I picked up a crossbow on the excuse that my kid wanted to hunt out of a tree stand and if we're in a ladder stand together with a shooting rail why not just have a crossbow how much easier can it be. They do have their place I enjoy shooting mine it's not a thing that you tinker with in the backyard it is sighted in and really the only time I shoot it is what it is being pointed at an animal, I think the biggest bonus I get with it is, not being a gun hunter it switches up my routine a little bit and offers me something different and when it is cold outside like 10 degrees and I'm sitting in the tree it is so nice to sit there snug as a bug and only have to worry about picking up a weapon and holding it like a gun but still having the same aspects of a bow and arrow.

Re: I'll try almost anything

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 9:21 pm
by ca-archer
I always said give it time and it will become a norm, just as compounds were to recurves, ol black powder muzzleloaders to new inline. It's another weapon. Owner at concept shoots a crossbow? Well I shoot a recurve, slug gun, buck shot gun, pistols, bb guns and probably more. Of all I still love my compound bow, probably recurve a little more?, but hate to miss an opportunity at a big buck at 25 yards because of my recurve skill level or even 40 or more yards I'm nailing with my P50. Also them out west deer are different than jersey spookish deer for them long shots and I can nail them more confidently at longer yardage. Crossbow zings at true 300+ fps which is all I need. Ever watch a deer shot on video in slow motion with a reasonable fps compound - can drops 6-12+" quickly and move forward or angle differently.

Do I think it should be considered bowhunting, pretty much no, but my views on it are changing. I don't think Pope and Young should open a category for it, that is for sure. I do think that like Pope and Young, and Boone-and-Crocket, a scoring club should be opened for crossbow big harvests. Is there one for muzzleloader now I think about it? Jim Shockey question. The Shockey club - sure another big muzzleloader name so Shockey and XYZ club? Crossbow club last name starter? Need a new pioneer?