Interesting Ad and American Made Crossbows, and Parkers, and fiberglass compound/crossbow Limb ramble

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Interesting Ad and American Made Crossbows, and Parkers, and fiberglass compound/crossbow Limb ramble

Postby k-villa » Fri Sep 22, 2017 1:19 am

Just saw an ad in a bowhunting magazine for a new? crossbow company and model, CamX X330. CamX is the company, the X330 shoots 330 fps. Looks very well built and USA made too.

Crossbows and compounds that push limbs beyond what fiber glass is, lightly said, intended on doing, shoot them long enough and IMO you're going to get cracked limbs and eventually a blow up. 330 is comfortable speed. The X330 limbs look beefed in the ad and possibly laminated with an inner and outer composite. Always look at the length of the limb too, if extremely short and getting high speeds, that fiberglass is under greater stress (lighter draw weight, shorter flex, faster speed typically - pros and cons in archery - do this, that happens)

Parkers - again supporting American companies and American jobs (I almost put in Companies That Uou Support and very well could go into that category on these forums). The Challenger model great for youth and women, 125 or 150lb pull and shorter pull than most. Upper body strength can be weak or not long enough to pull on most other crossbows. Respectable speed and probably comparable to a typical compound at 60lbs 28" even at the 125lb setting. Put it where it needs to go and it will do it's job.

The Parker Thunderhawk, longer draw cycle, slightly heavier limb weight, yet around the 325 mark. How many compounds truly shoot 325fps? Crossbow speeds seem to be more honest when it comes to fps. Parker makes a few others probably worth looking at and yes there are other companies too, a lot US made, but main point is to be leary on xbows that reach and hit above 340-350+ 400+ fps mark. Cool, fun, fast, but check limbs and parts often. Speed sells. Looks sells. But I'll take function that's worry-free and can hit it's mark accurately every time, even if slightly slower.

Parker stands behind their product too and from what I've seen of owners, they were satisfied with limb replacements if needed.

As with all crossbows, I recommend upon day one or during initial assembly, especially on the smaller screws that might be around triggers, holding scopes or holders that keep bolts in place along the rail, backing the screws fully out and applying semi-permanent/med strength Lock-tite. Crossbows often have more "twang" and kick than compounds, but both are fierce on vibration and screwed in items, especially small ones which once loosened, have a way of working out very quick and often unseen until gone. Many of those screws if gone means you're screwed and your day or hunt is over until fixed, and hopefully without firing the shot or attempting to.

If applied by a human during manufacturing and their not using torque wrenches of some kind, screws may not be in tight in the first place. Concept bows are built with the extra step (or in many cases, extra steps) and always come with screws Lock-tited in. What a Concept. :D

On another note, everything you read be leary. Different article, different magazine, a freelance writer I hope, on average saw 18fps gained on compound bows when speed nocks were added to the string. If that be the case, every manufacturer in the world would have speed nocks on every model. Wow, 18fps on "average" This is my just my opinion of that article, articles are always subjective, including the one above, just a ramble, take any or none of the above info. Best of luck this season to all, enjoy all that God has created.
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